DoodleCakes Electronic Guest Book

DoodleCakes Sign in Board and Guestbook

The next best thing for events is here! Our electronic guest book kiosk is designed to be fun, creative and exciting for your guests. The best part is you get an awesome keepsake to look at for years and years to come.  Say goodbye to the traditional pen and paper book – the guest book for 2017 is all digital.

How it works:

We design a customized kiosk with your event graphics to personalize the space around the tablet. At the kiosk, our attendant helps guide your guests as they sign their messages and draw their doodles, and then they will take a photo of your guests with our high end DSLR camera. The doodles are also captured in real time on a monitor, which is placed next to the tablet station.

After the first hour or so, our attendant will walk around the party with the tablet gathering additional messages from the guests as the bar, in the main room, dance floor, etc., to make sure everyone gets a chance to create a well wish for your coffee table keepsake book. 

We use the most innovative and fun drawing and doodle programs out there with our samsung galaxy tablet. Guest can either use our state of the art stylus pen to change fonts, colors, pictures, etc, or use their fingers to draw and write.

Clients receive a link to the photos and messages a couple of weeks after the affair, all the while, their completely customized coffee table guest book keepsake is being artfully designed and printed through Artifact Uprising.

The finished product is a hard cover coffee table book, which includes your messages/doodles, the photos and the graphically designed front and back covers, which will all be delivered 3 to 4 weeks after the event.