Slow Motion Video Booth


People love this new Photo Booth twist because of how cool and interesting super slow motion looks. You can literally see things that you can’t in real life! 

How it works:

You’ll have (1) Director/ Camera Operator (1) editor and (1) Producer who will act as the prop master and help guide your guests through their time in the booth. This is a 3 person crew.

Instant slow motion playback on our large LCD monitor – which we play on a loop and add clips as we go.

Unlimited instantly printed and custom designed keepsake photos for your guests to have and take home

Unlimited coverage – we will set up before and clean up after. We have no time constraints.

Your choice of backdrop color/design from our backdrop choices

Your choice of props – we will give you a list and you can order what you want. We have masks, costumes, silly string, hats, boa’s, bubbles, lots of confetti and much more

2 to 3 minute edited music video – streamed on your very own Vimeo page. We will also make it available for you to download, stream and add on your social media channels. We deliver this within 72 hours at the most.

Designated Dropbox with all raw clips and screenshot photos with a customize printed design.                

Add Ons:

(1) designated social media person who will do a live stream of pictures and raw video clips on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter throughout the entire event. We will also set up customized hash tags for you.  this takes it to the next level! 

Same Day Edit – we edit your music video to be shown towards the end of the party 

Same Day Scrapbook – we compile a scrapbook of all the pictures from the night for you to take home. 



As Seen in The Knot Magazine

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